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Garden lawn

The lawn is the most important element of your garden. It is the centre of your green space. Before starting to sow, you should take a moment to decide which grass to choose.

Garden grass

When choosing the grass for your garden, you should consider the amount of sun and the type of soil. If the lawn in your garden is significantly obscured by trees or shrubs, you should pick a grass seed mixture for shady areas. If your garden lawn is uncovered and exposed to strong sunlight during the day, pick a grass type that is resistant to sunlight and droughts.

Another equally important factor is the intended use of the garden lawn. Such lawns are frequently intensely used by playing children. They are often used pretty much as a playing field. If that is the case, make sure to select a durable grass for sports and recreation purposes.

If our lawn is to be used as an ornamental area, intended for peaceful relaxation in the garden, you can use one of the ornamental grass varieties.

The GLOBALGRASS range includes seeds for every type of garden lawn. Find out about our mixture range. We recommend both standard and luxury grasses.
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