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GLOBALGRASS is a professional manufacturer of lawn and forage grass seed mixtures.

We gather experts who have been connected with the seed business in Poland and abroad for many years. Our greatest strengths are the quality and innovative features of our products – we are the manufacturer of the best grass seed mixtures in the business.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have become the leading manufacturer of lawn seed mixtures.

Our products

We specialise in the production of lawn seed mixtures. We make various grass seed mixtures depending on the intended use of the lawn. Our product range includes the following lawn seed mixtures:ornamental mixtures
  • sports mixtures
  • garden mixtures
  • mixtures for dry areas
  • mixtures for shady areas
  • wear-resistant mixtures
  • and many others

Production, certification

We have a modern and efficient range of machinery for high-quality packaging of lawn seed mixtures. We use a fully automatic boxing and bagging line. Each day, we pack as much as 30 tons of the best grass seed mixtures. We have 3800 m2 of storage space.

The grass seed mixtures we offer are subject to continuous quality control by the Seed Inspectorate. They meet the standards of the European Union. Every seed batch has a suitable quality certificate. The GLOBALGRASS laboratory is accredited by the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service.
As a Polish manufacturer of lawn mixtures, we make sure that 60% of our seeds come from the domestic market. This gives us a strong position on the European market. The remaining components are primarily imported from Denmark.

Get to know the wide product range of GLOBALGRASS – the best manufacturer of lawn seed mixtures.

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