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GLOBALGRASS is a professional manufacturer of lawn and forage grass seed mixtures.

We gather experts who have been connected with the seed business in Poland and abroad for many years. Our greatest strengths are the quality and innovative features of our products – we are the manufacturer of the best grass seed mixtures in the business.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have become the leading manufacturer of lawn seed mixtures.

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Universal grass mixture

Are you wondering which seeds to use for your lawn? A universal grass mixture seems to be the best choice if you want to be sure that the seeds will take on a specific soil. We sell them in packages with a capacity of 1 kg, 5 kg or 9 kg, which allows you to precisely adjust the amount of seeds to the size of your garden or square.

Universal grass, despite its name, is sold in several versions to choose from. In this way, customers can precisely match it to the target purpose, taking into account the lawn area and its purpose (sports, recreational) and the type of ground.

We sell:
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details of individual varieties of universal grasses. Another will work for the rehabilitation of a lawn damaged by industrial activities, and another for sowing recreational plots and around ornamental buildings. Decorative grass does not have to be as strong as grass for sports fields, so we do not require too strong, extensive root systems from it. However, it is always worthwhile for it to remain resistant to frost and other weather conditions. Certainly a desirable variety of universal grass is the one intended for sowing in shaded places.

Universal grass - 1 kg, 5 kg and 9 kg

Our offer includes universal grass in packages with two capacities to choose from - 1 kg, 5 kg and 9 kg. Choose the one that is enough for you to sow your lawn, square, green belts. We will be happy to advise you what amount will be needed and what the preparation of the ground and subsequent maintenance should look like. The advantage of a well-chosen mixture of universal grass is the combination of individual seed species in optimal proportions - it consists of ryegrass and fescue in several versions. Our specialists take care of it, so we always know exactly what product goes to you and we know that it will meet all your expectations!

We invite you to place wholesale or retail orders.

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